Hello Friends, How can I help you with the air mattress? Let me guess, I can give you information about How to Repair an air mattress seam.

So, I have decided to give you solutions for repairing of air mattress seam.

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If you have an air mattress or are thinking about buying it. Then you may face one problem in the future which is a hole in the mattress.

How to Repair an Air Mattress Seam?

I am very excited to give you information about that. If some accident happens with your mattress and it gets leaks or a hole.

For repairing the air mattress seam you can apply some amounts of rubber cement or adhesive to the area around the seam.

Next, you have to spread that adhesive or cement by using a rubber-gloved hand. When the rubber cement is about to dry, cut out a patch from the patch kit and cover the leak.

Steps to Repair an air mattress.

With the reference to above mentioned i will give you the steps to repair an air mattress.

I will cover for you and provide you with the information in detail.

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Find the Leak in Your Air Mattress.

There is some method to find a leak in an air mattress. It includes tissue paper trick, Dish soap trick, powder trick, and Submerging your mattress.

Let’s Discuss the Methods in Deep.

• Tissue Paper Trick

 In this trick, we have to use tissue paper. Keep your mattress lay down on the floor or in a place where you can move around the mattress.

Then, move the tissue paper on the mattress and listen carefully to the sound of hissing.

While you are moving the tissue paper work carefully and slowly. You should start with the seam and every edge of the mattress.

How to Repair an Air Mattress Seam

The seam is the area that can have leaks. You can find leaks around the area of the seam and edge. Watch if any air disturbance happens with the tissue paper.

• Dish Soap Trick

Take some water in a bucket and then add some amount of dish soap to it.

Take this mixture and fill the spray bottle with this mixture. Spray this water on the mattress this water sticks to the mattress.

And then you can find holes or leaks on the mattress. When you spray that viscous water on the mattress and it falls on the hole from which air is coming out it creates a small bubbles.

You will see the leak or hole. once you saw the hole take duct tape and mark the location of the leak.

• Powder Trick

This trick is very similar to the Dish Soap Trick. But, you have to use the powder or baby powder for finding the leak on the mattress.

Take some powder or baby powder and spread it all over the mattress. That means upside down the mattress and watching the leak of the mattress.

If a leak is not found, flip the mattress and repeat the same procedure, and you will get the Location of the leak on the mattress.

• Submerging your mattress.

For this method, you have to use the bathtub of a swimming pool.

First, blow the air in the air mattress. But, don’t fill excess air because it can be difficult to submerge the mattress in water.

Here I want to suggest that before using this trick you have to check the label of the air mattress seam.

Because some manufacturers mention on the label that does not submerge their products.

After submerging the mattress apply some pressure on it and check carefully if any air comes out from the mattress.

when air comes out then it makes some bubbles in the water. From that, you can get the location of the leak.

This is all about the tricks to find the leak in the mattress and how to find it.

Now, move to the main part that how to repair the air mattress seam.

So, let’s continue.

How to Repair the Hole in the Air Mattress.

step 1 – Find the leak in your Air Mattress Seam

First, you have to find the leak or hole in your air mattress. You can use the methods to find the leak in your mattress which are given in this article.

After you find the hole in your mattress then mark the leak location.

Step 2 – Fixing the Leak in Your Air Mattress Seam

when you mark the leak location then remove the air from the mattress. Remember the leak in the mattress.

Take a cloth or a damp towel and dry off your mattress if any impurities or soapy water are on the mattress. Dry the mattress well before going to repair the leak.

You will need some items to repair the air mattress. 

Let’s see the list of items.

-Rubber gloves

-Fine sanding Paper

-Plastic or Rubber Patch

-Bricks or Books to use as weights.

-Rubber cement, Bicycle Repair Kit, or multi-Susface adhesive.

Once you gather all the tools then do the steps to repair the mattress.

Step 3 – Remove the Unwanted or Uneven Material near the Leak.

You have to wear rubber gloves while working. Next, make the leak area smooth using fine sanding paper.

Because, if you do not remove the uneven material then the patch will not be fixed on the leak area.

This is because you need to smooth the area for patching if the area is rough then the patch will not fix it.

Step 4 – Apply the Patch on the Leak in the Mattress.

For making the patch you should use an old shower curtain or anything else which is similar in thickness to the shower curtain.

But, make sure that the patch is equal to or slightly larger than the sanded area for covering it. This ensures that the area is airtight.

Apply some glue over the beak or hole from the patch kit.

You can use rubber cement or multisurface super glue, contact cement, gorilla glue, or epoxy.

Step 5 – Fix the Patch

After applying glue to a hole in the mattress then smooth the glue a bit. when the glue is a dry little bit.

Then place the patch on the leak and then press it using your Hand.

when you applied the patch wipe off the excess adhesive from the patch.

And apply press to fix the patch. you can bricks or books for fixing the patch.

Wait for setting the glue and patch. It will take 6-12 hours. Don’t forget to recheck the leak after getting the patch.

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other Methods for repairing the air mattress seam.

1. Marine Goop Glue

Marine Goop which is also called Amazing goop. This glue is one of the strongest adhesives.

You can use this as a sealant. Marine Goop Glue is UV-resistant and waterproof.

You can do the process as given above. But, I want to add one point here that is, apply a thin layer of this glue, and after fixing the patch wait for 24 hours to set it up on the mattress.

2. Gel Nail polish

Do you think that I am joking? No, I am not joking. Gel nail polish can be used as a repairing be kit for the air mattress. But, if you want to use this trick then you have to do some preparations.

You have to use the UV light source for the trigger polymerization reaction in the nail polish.

This can work for any size of leak or hole and this is great.

Now you know that a little patch kit is available in your purse.

3. Duct Tape

This is the temporary solution. And it can work until you fix the leak using a strong adhesive or patch.

This is a helpful trick if you don’t have glue or a patch kit.

Cut the large piece of duct tape and then you have to Cover the leak or hole using this duct tape.

Remember one thing when you cover the hole, don’t use glue on the duct tape because it can lose the grip of duct tape.

This trick is a temporary solution until you fix the hole or leak permanently.


Hello Friends, are you satisfied with the given information in this article?

If you have an air mattress then you have to use it carefully. 

Small damage or leaking can be a problem. And always keep a patch kit with you.

fill the air in the air mattress as you need access to air can damage your mattress.


1. Can I use a Hot glue gun to repair an Air Mattress?

Yes, you can use a hot glue gun but this is the temporary solution for repairing the air mattress.

This can last up to one week and then you have to fix the leak permanently.

2. What is the best glue to repair an Air Mattress?

There is much glue available to repair an air mattress. The name of the glues is gorilla glue, super glue, rubber cement, and Contact cement.

3. Will duct tape patch an Air Mattress?

Yeah, it will patch an air mattress.

But, you can use duct tape if you don’t have a patch kit or glue for repairing the air mattress.

It will work temporary so you need to fix the leak using the patch kit or glue.