How To Make Air Mattress More Comfortable
Long Story Short:- Using a mattress topper, putting the mattress on a carpet can help to make an air mattress more comfortable.

Adding a mattress topper makes the mattress more pressure-relieving. This adds an extra level of cushioning to the air mattress.

If your mattress is not comfortable as your requirements. Then I can explain to you How to make air mattresses more comfortable.

You may face some problems like uncomfortable sleeping on an air mattress or an uncomfortable sleeping position.

Generally, air beds or air mattresses are used as an emergency bed or for camping, guests. They are not used in the home as a primary bed.

Don’t think too much about uncomfortable beds I will tell you how to make air mattresses more comfortable. And Also I will explain to you some tips for that.

So let’s start the article. If you are reading this article then you are on the right article.

How To Make Air Mattress More Comfortable

How To Make Air Mattress More Comfortable?

Air mattresses are made from polyvinyl material. There are some methods or tips to make an air mattress more comfortable.

Such as using a topper on the mattress, using a bed frame, and many more tips.

You can place the mattress on softer surfaces to make the air mattress more comfortable.

I will provide you with the information in detail.

Let us see How to make air mattresses more comfortable using some methods or tricks.

1. Properly Inflate The Air Mattress

This is the basic care you should take when you use an air mattress.

For making air mattresses more comfortable you should make sure that it’s properly inflated.

If you inflate the air mattress too much then it will feel hard and stiff. And this will be the reason for your sore hips and shoulders.

And the proper amount of air in the mattress can make the mattress more comfortable.

How much amount of air you should fill in the mattress is usually specified or mentioned on the label of each air mattress.

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2. Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers also help you. If you sleep on a mattress without a topper or pillow then it will be not a great filling.

And using a pillow and topper on the mattress can give you the feeling of going from rock-solid to plush and cozy.

Adding a topper on the mattress made it more pressure-relieving. And it gives you an extra layer of cushioning.

3. Move Your Mattress to Softer Surfaces

This is the best and easiest way to make your air mattress more comfortable.

You just have to move your air mattress on softer surfaces it will provide you comfort when you sleep on an air mattress.

Or you can place your mattress on a rug or carpet.

It will allow the circulation of the air well within the mattress. Also, it protects the mattress from moisture and mold.

4. Bed Frame

The bed frame is an excellent way to make air mattresses more comfortable.

There are many types of bed frames are available on the market. You just have to choose the right one for your air mattress.

With the help of a bed frame, you can lift your mattress off the floor and it provides you comfort.

How to Make Air Mattress More Comfortable

5. Box Spring

Have you ever thought that can box spring helps to make air mattresses more comfortable?

Yeah, why not. Box spring helps to make air mattress more comfortable.

Box springs have a flat surface and they give support to the heavy mattress. So, it helps to support your air mattress.

6. Properly Spread Your Bedsheets

A good bed sheet on the mattress is enough to make your air mattress more comfortable.

And it changes the rubbery feel of your mattress with the cozy feel of fine cloth material.

I have a suggestion for you, if you are going to use a bedsheet on your mattress then you should use the bespoke bed sheet. This bed sheet is made from quality material.

When you kept the bespoke bedsheets on your air mattress then it looks more beautiful and also it reduces the discomfort from the uneven air pressure.

7. Wrap Tight Using Sheets and Covers.

These are the pro tips to make air mattresses more comfortable.

This is the pro tip and I am going to tell you how to use this tip.

If you are buying an air mattress for regular means for everyday use.

Then you can do this technique with your air mattress. For that, you have to wrap an air mattress in sheets or covers or bed sheets.

This wrapping protects the mattress from punctures and the quick deflection of the mattress.

Also, this increases the durability of the air mattress.


A comfortable air mattress or discomfort in the mattress can cause many issues like soreness of the shoulders and many other issues.

For making the mattress more comfortable there are many solutions available around you.

You have to find them and use them.

I also explained to you some methods to make mattresses more comfortable.

If you are buying a mattress for everyday use the last method is very useful for you. That wraps tight using the sheets and cover method.

Now, try this method, and then tell me which method you like the most or which method helps you the most.

How To Make Air Mattress More Comfortable

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1. What can make an air mattress more comfortable?

There are many solutions available that may be near you or around you.

You can use a mattress topper, and fill the air as required the mattress.

Do not fill the excess air in the mattress excess air will blow the mattress.

You can move your mattress to a softer surface this is the easiest way to make an air mattress comfortable. Box spring also helps you.

If you are using the mattress every day then wrap it with the mattress topper or covers. It protects your mattress and also makes it comfortable.

2. Is it bad to leave an air mattress inflated?

I recommend you that always deflate your air mattress when it is not in use or after you use it.

If you do not deflate your mattress then it will damage the mattress.

Air leaks can happen which can affect the life of the mattress. So, always deflate your mattress after use or when it is not in use.

3. Are air mattresses good for camping?

Yes, air mattresses are good to do camping. Because They are lightweights.

You can easily carry it with you and also roll up the mattress after your use.

Inflate the mattress when you need and deflate it after using it.

This acts as an emergency bed.