Hello friends, you have looked at so many mattresses for comfortable sleep. And while you are buying a mattress you want to check if the mattress has fiberglass or not.

Do you want to know does Allswell mattresses have fiberglass?

A mattress brand Allswell is available in the market and this brand is well-known for selling affordable hybrid mattresses.

Plus point about the Allswell mattress is that these mattresses are the top choices for many sleepers.

People who want to enjoy the comfort and good sleep choose Allswell mattresses. And also their models are the best hybrid models which include high-quality materials in it.

Allswell mattresses are good for your back because they support your back.

According to our research knowledge, not all the Allswell models have fiberglass. But, I want to clarify one thing Allswell Mattress contains 8% fiberglass in their mattresses.

Don’t worry I will cover all information about the Allswell mattress which includes the manufacture and shipping of the Allswell mattress and much other information.

Does Allswell Mattresses Have Fiberglass? (Real Truth)

For answering this question we did a lot of research and found some reviews about that on Reddit and Quora.

Based on research and answers from Quora and Reddit we found that Allswell mattresses contain around 8% fiberglass.

We have not yet confirmed that all models of Allswell mattresses have fiberglass.

But, when we are reading the questions and answers from Quora and Reddit we found that Allswell mattresses contain 8% fiberglass, and they also mention that in their ingredient list.

In short, they have fiberglass and are also listed in the list of ingredients.

Why does Allswell Uses Fiberglass in Their Mattresses?

According to the Federal Law of Commission, the mattresses brands which are selling their mattresses in the United States should use fire-resistant in their mattresses.

If the brands use natural fire resistant like wool, latex, and cotton then the mattress becomes expensive. Because natural fire resistance is expensive.

Fiberglass is replaceable and the cheapest solution for natural fire-resistant.

Allswell Original Mattress is the cheapest mattress because it uses fiberglass in their mattresses.

Not only Allswell but also many mattresses use fiberglass in their mattresses to make the mattress cheap and affordable.

If you buy a mattress that includes fiberglass in it then you should use your mattress carefully. Because, if fiberglass spread in your home then it is difficult to remove and it can cause many health problems.

Does Allswell Mattresses Have Fiberglass

Where Does Allswell Mattresses are Manufactured and Shipped From?

I am going to give you the answer to the first question which is where do Allswell mattresses manufacture?

Allswell mattresses are manufactured in two places.
The first one is in Indonesia where the Original Allswell model is manufactured by the Zinus.
The second one is in the USA where other models of Allswell are manufactured.

Do you know why two places used to manufacture the mattresses?

The reason is very simple the model Original Allswell is the cheapest model of Allswell and it is affordable Zinus is known for making cheap mattresses that’s why Original Allswell is manufactured in Indonesian by Zinus.

And other three models of Allswell are manufactured by Brooklyn Bedding which is in the USA.

Shipping of Mattresses

As I told you, the manufacturing of Allswell models and the mattresses is shipped from where they are manufactured.

This means the Original Allswell model is shipped from Indonesia and the other three models of Allswell are shipped from the US.

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Is Fiberglass Dangers in Allswell Mattresses?

I know using fiberglass can makes the mattress cheap. But, fiberglass is dangerous for our health.

When fiberglass spread in your home then it is difficult to remove the fiberglass from your home. And also it can cause many health problems.

When fiberglass comes in contact with your skin then your skin irritates. If you inhale fiberglass then it can be the reason for asthma.

Fiberglass can cause throat irritation. If you inhale the fiberglass then it could be the reason for the nose bleeding and nose irritation.

If you buy a mattress that includes fiberglass in it then you should use it carefully. Do not remove the cover of the mattress and if your mattress has a hole or leak then put the mattress in a bag or cover and then dispose of it properly.

Using fiberglass can make mattresses cheap and affordable but it can cause many health problems.

Should I Buy an Allswell Mattress?

Buying a mattress or not the decision is yours. But I want to suggest you that avoid buying a mattress that includes fiberglass in it

You can buy the Allswell Lux Hybrid model because this model is 100% safe and it has the CertiPUR-US Certificate.

Allswell mattress is a good hybrid bed and you can sleep comfortably on this bed, it has the best motion isolation.

Features of an Allswell Mattress.

• Individually Wrapped Coils

This feature is very useful for couples. This is because the bed includes individually wrapped coils.

It provides decent motion isolation capabilities. Also, this improves the edge support of the bed.

• Quilted Cover and Memory Foam

This feature helps to adequate pressure relief to average-weight sleepers.

• The mattress has been rated 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

What are Allswell Mattresses Made Of?

There are 4 types of Allswell Mattress models.

We are going to see the inside of the Allswell Lux Hybrid mattress.

Let us see.

Allswell mattress is made up of 4 layers.

Layer 1: Gel Infused Foam

The thickness of this layer is 1 inch and it is made from gel-infused foam to make the sleepers cool.

The first layer of the Allswell mattress is made up of spandex and polyester which are 100% natural and also meet high-quality material standards.

Layer 2: Memory Foam

The thickness of this layer is 2 inches. And also the memory foam material is known for support and comfort.

This layer gives you support and comfort.

Layer 3: High-Density Foam

In most mattresses, there is high-density polyfoam is used as a base to support the overall mattress.

In the Allswell mattress, there is 1 inch of high-density polyfoam layer which balances the sleeper on the bed.

Layer 4: Pocketed Coils Layer

This is the base of the mattress and it is 8 inches thick which gives support to the overall mattress.

This layer consists of individually wrapped pocket coils. And also this layer helps to create minimum motion transfer on the mattress.


According to our research and findings, not all the Allswell mattress models have fiberglass.

The specialty of the Allswell mattress is they are affordable and give body support.

Also, Allswell creates cheap and best hybrid mattress models.

If you want to buy an Allswell mattress then you can go with Allswell Lux Hybrid. because these have a CertiPUR-US certificate and it is made in the USA.