Air mattress is the best option for the bed which can carry easily where you want.  Are you trying to learn How to get an air mattress off the floor.

I will tell you why to raise your air mattress off the floor. And provide you with some steps to raise an air mattress off the floor.

However, if you do not raise your air mattress above the ground level it makes sleep uncomfortable.

In the previous article, you got the information about the air mattress.

In this article, add some more information about air mattresses.

So, Let’s get started.

Why Raise Your Air Mattress off The Floor?

There are many reasons behind the raise your air mattress off the floor.

Let’s see what are those reasons.

If you place the air mattress directly on the hard surfaces. Then it can feel too restricted.

That’s why you need to lift up your air mattress off the ground.

This makes sleeping on air mattresses more satisfying.

The main idea of Lifting the mattress is to make sleep more relaxing.

Also Here are Some Reasons Given.

Support Posture

When you raise your air mattress on the floor then it will provide you better support for your posture, also it reduces back pain in your body, and support a more healthy sleeping position.

Keeps the Air Mattress in Position.

First, i want to tell you about the air mattress. Air mattresses are made from polyvinyl and other similar materials.

This material makes air mattresses easily slide and skid when placed on a smooth floor surface like tiles or wood.

If you lift the air mattress off the floor then it helps to hold the mattress in position while slumbering.

Added Comfort

Here is one more reason. After you lift up the air mattress off the floor with a frame such as a plywood platform, or box spring.

It will help you to limit contact with the floor and that’s why it can reduce back pain and strain as well as support your back better.

This system provides you with added comfort while sleeping.

Sleep Warm

If you are going to a cold camping night or something like that and you are a temporary residence where the atmosphere is little control over the room temperature. It’s easy to sleep in cold. and this will happen if you sleep very close to the floor.

So, if you lift up the air mattress off the ground then it is a better way to sleep warmer.

How To Get an Air Mattress Off The Floor

Keep Your Mattress Clean.

If you raise the mattress with the help of a frame such as a plywood platform or box spring. Then you can avoid contact with the mattress and dust, dust, or other contaminants.

How to Get an Air Mattress Off the floor?

There are different types of methods or ways to get an air mattress off the floor.

In this way, it involves that you have to add a piece of bedding on top of the mattress.

Don’t worry about that. I will give information on how can you lift the mattress off the floor.

Let’s get started.

1. Box Spring

Box Spring is the best option because, if you don’t have a lot of money or you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a frame then box spring can help you.

Box Spring platform has a grid on the top of it. This gives support to the air mattress without touching the floor. And it increases comfort.

You have to add another piece of plywood on the box spring means underneath the air mattress. to prevent shifting while you sleep.

This gives you additional support for your air mattress.

2. Use Bed Risers

First, I want to tell you that this method is a little difficult to use. Because these bed risers come with multiple pieces which are at the edges of a bed. 

They are a little difficult to use for air mattresses. But if you want to use it then you have to combine the bed riser with a bed frame.

3. Special Frames

These are the special frames and platforms specially used for the Air mattresses.

You can check if it is available at the furniture store near you.

But you have to choose the right size bed frame for your air mattress.

4. Metal Bed Frames.

This is the easiest way to lift your air mattress off the ground.

In addition to that, metal bed frames are often foldable, and they are portable main thing is that they are cheaper than ornate bed frames with headboards.

5. Mattress Toppers

Using mattress Toppers isn’t exactly raising the air mattress off the floor. but it gives additional Height and comfort.

You can add mattress toppers to increase the height of the mattress from the floor.

And also this will gives more comfort to the sleeper, who already has a mattress protector.

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6. Foam

Foams are like sheets and foam sheets are a cheap method for raising the air mattress off the floor.

Foam sheets are just like plywood, and this is the temporary solution for raising the mattress.

Let me tell you the advantages of the foam and that are foam sheets are versatile, easy to move around, and affordable.

And also they come in a variety of sizes, and they have many color options and thicknesses.

If you are using an air mattress camping then using the foam Sheets could be the best option because they will help you the insulate air bed against the cold.

7. Rug or Carpet.

In my opinion, using a Rug or Carpet is the best and cheapest solution for lifting the mattress and it protects the mattress from damage.

using a thick Carpet or rug can work as a barrier between your air mattress or bed and the floor.

This carpet and rug provide extra protection for air beds. And these are available in various varieties means colors, sizes, and Patterns.

But, the drawbacks are also that it means they need regular vacuuming because they get dusty quickly.

The main reason for using the rug or carpet is you can easily roll up the carpet and rug and also you can carry it with

you where you want.


In this article, I told you the reason and solutions for raising an air mattress off the floor.

Let me tell you in short and summarize the information in short.

To raise the air mattress off the floor you can use many accessories like a box spring, bed frame bed raiser, and rug or carpet.

If you raise the bed then it can come less in contact with the cold floor.

when you are going camping that time you can use a rug or carpet to raise the bed off the floor.

And also it can work as a barrier between your air bed and the cold also keeps the sleeper warm.

I hope you learned the knowledge from this article and you use this to get a comfortable sleep.


1. Can I put my air mattress on a Bed Reiser?

Yes, you can put an air mattress on a bed riser.

2 Can An Air Mattress be put on a bed Frame?

No, you can not put the air mattress on a bed frame. But, you can put an air mattress on the specially-created bed frame.

If you use the specially created bed frame then it will support the mattress and provides durability and comfort.

3. what can i use to raise my air mattress when camping?

In my opinion, if you want to go out for camping, then one thing can help you that is a rug or carpet.

Because it is easy to carry and you can roll up the rug or carpet. Also, you can carry it where you want.

using a carpet or rug can work as a barrier between the air mattress and the cold.

Another solution is you can use a combination of mattress topper and bed frame. this gives comfort and the best Protection.

4. Can you put an air mattress on the floor?

You cannot directly put the air mattress on the floor. Before you are going to put the mattress on the floor you have to lay something like plywood under the air mattress.

This will help to keep your mattress clean and prevent moisture availability.

5. What can i put under my air mattress?

Air mattresses can not rest on floors or surfaces. You need to put something and raise the air mattress off the floor. so, air can easily pass freely underneath it.

You can use the foam, rug or carpet, or bed frame to raise off the mattress.

There are many things you can put under the air mattress such as plywood, box spring, and specially designed bed frame.

6. Does a mattress need to be off the floor?

If you do not raise the mattress off the floor then it can create some problems like unwanted mold issues and that can lead to mildew or mold in the mattress.

It is better to lift the mattress off the floor. because it is necessary to flow the air easily underneath the air mattress.