When peoples want to buy an air mattress then they check all information about that on google or any other Platform. Also, they want to know How to keep an air mattress from popping?

When peoples think about air mattresses. Have you ever thought that why they are buying an air mattress or what purpose is behind buying an air mattress?

They use air mattresses as emergency beds, extra beds, or for camping purposes. Because they are lightweight and you can carry it with you where you want.

The main question is Can an air mattress pop or burst if you aren’t Careful?

If you want to get the answer to this question and how to take care of an air mattress then read this article.

Do Air Mattresses pop?

There may be many reasons behind the popping of an air mattress like if you did not take care of your air
mattress or if you fill access to air in your air mattress.

And also while you are using the air mattress then you may not take precautions.

Lots of people want to save money while buying an air mattress and if they buy a Low budget air mattress it may cause popping of an air mattress. because most air mattresses are not made up of incredibly durable materials.

What Types of Things Can pop an Air Mattress?

The name air mattress itself told about the mattress. It means the mattress is filled with air for making it comfortable.

So, you have to handle the air mattress carefully. Many things can cause the hole or can pop the air mattress.

Let’s see what things can cause the mattress to pop.

1. Pets or animals

If you have a cat or some animals in your home. then it can be the reason for popping the mattress.

I mean the pets have sharp nails or claws and they can pop the air mattress with their nails.

If they sit on the mattress then they can poke holes or scratch on the air mattress.
you will need to keep pets away from your air mattress.

2. Sharp things

You should not use sharp things on the air mattress. Many sharp things will be at your house like a knife or something like that.

If you use the knife on the mattress then it can damage your air mattress.

This can be the reason for popping your air mattress.

3. Nails

Age you thought that I am joking! No, I am not joking.

Your nails are one of the reasons for popping the air mattress.

if you did not trim your nails then it can damage your mattress.

keep one thing in your mind, when you are using the air mattress then be careful.

keep pets and sharp things away from the mattress.

How to keep an Air Mattress from Popping

How to keep an air Mattress from popping?

Air mattresses are made from Polyvinyl chloride (pvc) or textile-reinforced urethane plastic or rubber.

Before you are sleeping on the air mattress check your pockets if you have keys in them.

Don’t forget to remove the keys from the pocket. Because it can make a hole in your mattress.

Some ideas are given to keep an air mattress from popping.

1. Fill air as a requirement of the mattress

You should fill the air according to the requirements of the air mattress.

Access to air can damage the air mattress. Fill the air mattress with the proper quantity of air.
If your mattress is slightly deflected then it can cause uneven weight distribution.

And the uneven weight distribution can tear down the material which makes it easier to puncture the mattress.

Also, if you blow to access air in the mattress then it can put a strain on the stitching of the mattress which can cause the blowout.

I want to add a point that, a mattress can lose little air throughout the day and it is normal.

But, take precautions while filling the air in the air mattress.

2. Mattress Toppers of Bedding

Do you know why mattress toppers or bedding are used on a mattress?

The answer to this question is very simple, mattress toppers or bedding can make the mattress more comfortable, also, it helps to mattress last longer.

you can use mattress toppers or bedding on the air mattress. So, they can protect your air mattress from sharp objects. and makes your mattress more comfortable.

Also, it can protect your mattress from dust and other impurities.

3. Keep your surroundings clean.

when you blow air into the mattress make sure that the Surrounding is clean.

It means if you are inflating air outdoors then you have to clean the area and its place is away from any type of popping risks.

things can cause popping the mattress when you are using an air mattress outdoors.

stones or sharp objects
Excess heat
heating vents

So, keep a safe distance from these factors. things.

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4. Store the air mattress in the correct way

After your used the air mattress then remove the air from the air mattress and keep it in a safe place.

Remember one thing while you are keeping the mattress. that place should not have any sharp objects or those objects which can cause the hole in the air mattress. Take precautions


I hope you got the answer to your question after reading this article.

Main points of the article

Air mattresses can pop but indirectly we are responsible for the popping of mattresses.

It means if you keep a pet on an air mattress then its claws can damage the air mattress.

like that many reasons can be there such as sharp knife, your nails.

You should use a mattress topper while using an air mattress. keep your surroundings clean where you are going to use the air mattress.

Fill air as a requirement of the mattress. and the last one is to store the mattress correctly after you used it.


1. How much weight does it take to pop an air mattress?

There are two types of air mattresses available in the market that are single-air mattresses and double-air mattresses.

weight capacity of a Single air mattress is 300 pounds and the weight capacity of a double air mattress is about 800 pounds.

2. Can I use Super glue on an air mattress.?

Yeah, you can use super glue on an air mattress. you can use it to patch the mattress.

gorilla glue, super glue, rubber cement, or contact cement epoxy are the glues available in the market for patching your air mattress.

3. How long should an air mattress Last?

It depends on the use of an air mattress. If you use it carefully then it can last for 10-15 years.

Should take care of your mattress while using it.