Hello friends, how are you? Let me guess what you want. You have an air mattress that is leaked and you want to repair it without a patch kit. Don’t worry I will tell you how to patch an air mattress without a patch kit.

Do you want to learn more? Then read on.

In the earlier days, a lot of people are using air mattresses. This is because air mattresses are the best temporary mattresses.

You can use it as an emergency bed for the guests. And also if you want to use the air mattress outdoors for camping then it is the best option for you.

Air mattresses are easy to use and you can carry them with you when you are camping.

Why do Mattresses get leaked?

There will be many reasons to leak the air mattress. While you are camping and you did not check the surrounding where the mattress is placed.

Then it would happen that any stone or a sharp thing can be the reason for a leak or hope in your air mattress.

Don’t worry I will give you the solution to this problem. And also I will explain to you how can you patch your air mattress without using a patch kit.
So, let’s dip dive into the information.

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How to Patch an Air Mattress Without Patch Kit?

Air mattresses have a patch kit when you buy an air mattress.

But, sometimes it would happen that your mattress gets leaked and you don’t have a patch kit, and with you.

That time what can you do? How can you repair your air mattress without a patch kit?

Some tricks or methods are given for patching an air mattress without a patch kit.

• DIY Patch

You can use this method to repair the mattress without using the patch kit.

For that, you need some tools and materials
•DIY Patch
•Detergent Or Soap
•Something heavy objects
•Wire brush Or sandpaper

When you collect all these things then do the steps given below.

How to Patch An Air Mattress Without Patch Kit

Step 1 – Fill The Air in Mattress

Firstly, you have to fill the air in the air mattress using the pump or some mattresses have a built-in pump.

But, remember one thing while filling the air do not fill the excess air in the mattress.

Step 2 – Find The Leak

First, you have to find the leak in an air mattress and how can you do this.

I will explain to you how can you find a leak in the air mattress

Take some amount of water in a bucket and add some amount of soap or detergent to it.

Detergent or soap makes water viscous and it helps to find the leak in the mattress.

Place the mattress on the surface and then spray the soapy water on the mattress.

Wait for a minute.

You will see the bubble at the location of the leak.

Mark the location of the leak.

Step 3 – Clean The Mattress

Next, you have to clean the mattress and remove the unwanted material from the mattress.

You have to dry the mattress and then clean the mattress using a dry cloth.

After cleaning the mattress use sandpaper to clean the unwanted material around the leak.

If you did not clean the area of the leak then your patch will not fix the leak.

When it’s done you can follow the next step.

Step 4 – Apply The Glue on the Leak.

Now, apply some glue to the leak in the mattress and wait for some minutes to dry the glue.

Step 5 – Apply The Patch.

After the glue dries you have to make the patch using a thin plastic.

While making the patch remember one thing that is a patch should be equal to the leak area or slightly larger than the leak area.

When the glue dries then you have to apply the patch to the leak area and then wipe out the excess glue using the cloth.

Step 6 – Fix The Patch

The last step fixes the patch using something heavy object.

After fixing the patch you have to wait to completely dry the glue and then the patch is fixed.

Other Methods to Patch an Air Mattress Without patch kit.

1. Duct Tape

This is the easiest way to patch an air mattress. If you don’t have a patch kit then don’t worry about it.

The duct tape will help you. You just have to do the same steps as the DIY patch trick.

Remember one thing that is duct tape is the temporary solution for the leak.

While using duct tape then do not use glue or adhesive for fixing the patch.

If you use glue or adhesive then it can lose its grip so avoid using glue while using duct tape.

2. Marine Goop Glue.

This is the strongest adhesive. Marine goop glue is also called Amazing Goop.

You can use this glue as a sealant and this glue is UV resistant and waterproof.

You have to wait for 24 hours after applying it to the patch. It will take some time for setting it up on the mattress.

3. Gel Nail Polish

Do you ever think that your gel nail polish can work as a patch on an air mattress?s.

No, I am not joking. Your nail polish will help you for stopping the leak on your mattress.

But, you have to do one thing while using nail polish. You should use the UV light source which triggers a polymerization reaction in the nail polish.

And this trick can work for any size of leak or hole and this is great.

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Did you get the information that you want?

If your mattress is leaked or you don’t have any patch tool then you can use the things which can daily be used.

That is duct tape, nails polish are the things that all people and ladies use in their daily life.

You can use duct tape, nail polish, marine goop glue, and a DIY patch as a temporary solution for a leak in an air mattress.

But, you should permanently fix the leak of the air mattress using a patch kit.


1. Can you use flex tape to repair the air mattress?

Yes, you can use the flex tape to repair the air mattress.

But, this will be the temporary solution for the leak of air mattresses.

2. Will Flex Seal hold air pressure?

Yes, but the flex seal can hold minimum pressure. Flex seal can not withstand extreme pressure or heat.

3. If you overinflate an air mattress, what can happen?

If you fill the air in Air Mattresses to their maximum capacity then they can feel tension at their seams.

It can make the mattress uncomfortable and also break the mattress. So, you should fill the air in the air mattress up to roughly 90 percent of its total air capacity.