We have seen or read the information about the filling of air in air mattresses and repairing of air mattresses. But what after using the mattress, How to fold an air mattress?

When it’s about the folding of an air mattress. There is a proper way to fold the mattress.

You can use the air mattress as an emergency bed or for camping and outdoor use.

Do you want to learn how to fold an air mattress? Then read this article, and I will give you the information about that.

In short, the folding process includes the steps- deflate the air mattress, put the mattress on a flat surface, spread out any ripples, and wrinkles, and finally fold the mattress and roll it.

Let’s take deep information about the steps.

How to Fold An Air Mattress?

Step 1: Deflate the Air Mattress.

For the proper packing of your air mattress, you have to follow some steps the first step is to deflate the air mattress.

There are most of the best air mattresses which are used for long-term use have two valves one is small and the other is large.

A larger one is used for inflating the mattress and a smaller one is used for deflating the air mattress.

When you are deflating the mattress then you have to find the smaller valve and deflate the mattress.

You have to do the steps given below. Follow the steps to fold the air mattress properly.

For deflating the mattress follow the given steps.

• Remove The Bedding

The first step removes the bedding and all things which are placed on the air mattress. And also make sure that there are no objects over the mattress or under the mattress.

If you are not removed any object from the mattress or if you forget to remove the object then when you are removing the air from the mattress the bedding items will create uneven pressure and this can put too much pressure on the seams of the mattress.

Remove all bedding and bedding items from the mattress.

How to Fold An Air Mattress

• Place your mattress on a flat surface

Next, you have to put your mattress on a flat surface. But, remember one thing that is there will be no things poking through the bottom of your air mattress.

• Remove Jewelry

When the mattress is deflecting at one point you will need to press the mattress and remove the air by pressing the air mattress.

And if you wear jewelry or any sharp object then it will damage your mattress.

That’s why you should remove your jewelry while deflecting your air mattress.

Step 2 – Spread The Mattress on a Flat Surface

After you deflect the air mattress the next you have to spread the mattress on a flat surface.

While spreading the mattress you have to check the surface is dry and clean, and it should not have any sharp objects on it and crumbs or debris.

If you accidentally fold the mattress with these things inside, then these things can damage your mattress or even destroy it.

For avoiding damage to an air mattress you can spread a sheet under the air mattress it will give extra protection to the mattress.

Then smoothly press the mattress for complete deflection and remove wrinkles on the mattress.

You have to remove the ripple and wrinkles from the mattress this will prevents the overstretching air bed materials.

It will protect the mattress and this decreases the damage chances of the mattress in the future.

After deflecting the air mattress follow the next step.

Step 3 – Fold Your Air Mattress

Now, you deflected your air mattress and it’s time to fold it.

Here are some methods to fold mattresses. I will tell you the methods.

Just read on.

• Roll-Up the mattress

Rolling up the mattress is the easiest way to fold the mattress. You can fold the mattress from one end to the other end.

And after rolling up the mattress you can secure the mattress using the straps, and put the mattress in the storage sack.

• Fold Only

Another method is only to fold the mattress. For this, you have to start folding the mattress in half lengthwise and flattening it out and then you have to fold it into neat squares.

These methods include two foldings.

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• Fold & roll the mattress

You can also use this method to fold the mattress.

But, did you get from the name what I am talking about in this method?

I will explain, this method includes folding and rolling the mattress.

It means first you have to fold the mattress in half lengthwise and match the edges perfectly while folding the mattress.

After folding roll the mattress up slowly from one side to another side.

Step 4 – Packing Of Air Mattress

When you fold your air mattress. Then you have to pack the mattress in a box. Or do not just throw the mattress in the storage room.

You can store your mattress in an airtight container with a lid, original box, or carrying bag, and last one any box that is large enough to accommodate an airbed.

Ways of Folding Your Air Mattress Depends on Its Size.

Full Air Mattresses.

You can fold your mattress in half from both sides and then roll up the mattress.

King Size Air Mattresses

It can be folded in twice but if you want to save space then you can fold the mattress thrice.

Twin / Twin XL.

You can roll up the Twin / Twin XL mattresses. After rolling up the mattress you can use straps to hold it right.


When you use the air mattress then it’s your responsibility to keep the Air mattress in the box and store or pack it well.

There are many ways to fold an air mattress choose one which is well for your mattress.

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