Your mattress is an investment for good sleep. And you can carry your mattress anywhere.

Just you have to remove the air. But, the next question may arise in your mind How to fill the air in an air mattress.

Let me explain to you, an Air mattress can use as an emergency bed or a guest bed when you need it. Also, you can carry your bed while camping.

A problem will arise when you are inflating the air mattress. There are many methods to inflate the air mattress.

We will discuss how to fill the air in an air mattress.

How To Fill Air In Air Mattress?

There are many methods to fill the air in an air mattress.

Modern Air Mattresses, use a built-in pump, no external equipment is needed to fill the air in modern air mattresses.

If the bed is without an internal pump. Then you can use other methods such as a manual foot pump or electric pump, by using a hair dryer at low heat, a garbage bag, and using a vacuum cleaner.

Let’s discuss the methods in a deep.

Inflating an air mattress with a built-in pump.

This is the most convenient and easiest way to inflate the air mattress.

In this type of bed, a built-in pump is present. It means an internal pump is provided and it can be either electrically powered or battery-operated.

You don’t need to fit any equipment into the valve.

Step 1: Lay The Mattress On A Clear Area.

First, you have to unbox your air mattress and then put the mattress where you want to sleep.

Clear the area before you are going to keep the mattress. No, a sharp object should be in the area. This will help to protect the air mattress from damage.

Step 2: Pull Out The Power Cord.

When you are going to inflate the air mattress check the pump at the end of the mattress and you will notice that the power cord of the mattress is next to the pump.

Next, pull that power cord and plug it into a power source. You can use an extension if your cord is short to reach the outlet.

How To Fill Air In Air Mattress

When you are camping then you might not always have electricity then you should use a battery-operated air mattress to charge the battery before using it.

Step 3: Set The Controls To Inflate.

When you plug in the pump then you have to choose the inflate option which is given outside the pump.

You can fill the air in the mattress according to your use of the mattress.

Step 4: Fill The Air In Air Mattress.

Now you can fill air in the air mattress.

After using the air mattress deflate the air from it. And unplug the and put back the cord into its compartment.

Roll the mattress up and you can pack it in the box to keep your mattress safe.

• Other Methods To Fill The Air In Air Mattress.

1. Use an External Pump: Hand Pump or Foot Pump

If your mattress does not have a built-in pump. Then you can fill the air using an external pump such as a foot pump or hand pump.

While you are using the pump you have to put the nozzle into the valve of the air mattress. But, don’t forget to seal the connection using duct tape, scotch tape, or any other material.

Because, if the valve inlet is larger than the nozzle then air can leak and you cannot fill the air well.

Once you fill it with air then remove the connection. Make sure that inflate the mattress until it is hard enough to hold your weight.

2. Garbage bag

You must think that I am joking! But no, you can fill the air in an air mattress by using the garbage bag.

First, you have to take a heavy-duty garbage bag. Then swing it around your hand so it can catch the air.

Then fit the top of the garbage bag over the inlet valve of your air mattress. And then press the bag from the backside.

It will force the air out of the bag and into the air mattress.

Do this many times until your mattress has been inflated.

3. Use Vacuum In Reverse.

You just have to set your vacuum cleaner in the reverse option, which means it can blow air instead of sucking it up.

Before, you are using it remove the dust bag of cleaner and then connect the nozzle to the valve of the mattress.

Create a tight seal. Then turn on the vacuum cleaner and fill the air in the air mattress.

4. Use A Hair Dryer On Low Heat.

A Hair dryer is a common gadget found in the home. But you know, A hair dryer can work as an air pump.

Don’t worry I have a solution, when you are using the hair dryer then you have to turn off the batteries of the hair dryer.

Or you can switch the hair dryer against the valve of the air mattress to fill the air.

Create a tight seal using duct tape. Turn on the hair dryer and fill the air in the air mattress.

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In the end, we have seen how can you fill the air in an air mattress by using different methods.

Some methods can take a bit of time and while using the hair dryer make sure to use the hair dryer at a low temperature. because, if you use the hair dryer at a high temperature then it can melt the air mattress.

I told you some methods in detail. And these are the best methods about how to fill the air in an air mattress.


1. How long does an air mattress last if used every day?

This depends on the use of the air mattress. It lasts for many years if you use it carefully

An air mattress should last for two-three years if you use it constantly and it can last up to eight years with occasional use.

2. How much weight can an air mattress hold?

There are three types of mattresses. Regular twin air mattresses, Full air mattresses, and king-size air mattresses.

A regular twin-air mattress can hold weights up to 300 lbs.

A Full-size air mattress can hold weights between 400-500 lbs.

And the last one is a king-size air mattress that can hold weights between 500-600 lbs.

The twin mattress is suitable for the average slipper or single person.

3. Why do air mattresses always lose air?

There are many reasons for mattresses to lose air such as room temperature, stretching the air mattress, air loss due to punctures, improper storage, and punctures happening from the kids and pets.

4. Can you fill an air mattress without a pump?

Yes, you can fill an air mattress without a pump. You can use your home appliances such as a hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, and garbage bag.

When you are using a hair dryer make sure that use it on low heat, excess heat can damage your air mattress.