After getting tired of your journey or work and sleeping on the Renaissance comfortable mattress is the world’s best experience.

Renaissance Hotel is part of the Marriott Hotel. If you want to know, what mattress is used in Renaissance Hotel? then you must stay and experience their bed.

The mattresses used in Renaissance hotels are very comfortable and luxurious. Their comfort level is awesome. You feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

The mattress used by the Renaissance Hotel is its exclusive Renaissance mattress. This mattress is crafted and manufactured by Simmons Beautyrest Bedding.

In this article, we will discuss what mattress Renaissance Hotel use, what mattress brand renaissance hotel use, and where to buy renaissance hotel mattress.

So let’s deep dive into the information.

What Mattress Is Used In Renaissance Hotel?

As I told you before, Renaissance Hotel is part of the Marriott Hotel. Their mattresses are unique and exclusive.

Renaissance Hote uses mattresses depending on the area and room of the hotel They use Renaissance mattresses, Hemstitch mattresses, and Signature mattresses.

The mattresses used in the Renaissance hotel are one of the most comfortable mattresses and also their mattresses are luxurious.

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What Types of Mattress Used by The Renaissance Hotel?

The mattresses used by the Renaiss hotels are memory foam, latex, innerspring, hybrid, and their exclusive Renaissance mattress.

The Exclusive Renaissance mattress is an innerspring mattress.

All mattresses are comfortable and they give relief to the pressure points of the body. Also, they give relief to body pains.

What Mattress Is Used In Renaissance Hotel?

Most of the hotel uses hybrid mattresses in their rooms.

What Mattress Brand Does Renaissance Hotel Use?

The mattresses used in the Renaissance hotel are manufactured by Simmons Beautyrest Bedding.

The exclusive Renaissance mattresses are specially designed by the Simmons Beautyrest Bedding so you cannot get mattresses other than the Renaissance website.

As I told you before the Renaissance Hotel is part of the Marriott Hotel so the bedding and mattresses for both hotels are designed and manufactured by the Simmons Beautyrest Bedding.

Why Renaissance Mattresses Are Comfortable?

Hybrid mattresses are used in the rooms of the Renaissance Hotel. Hybrid mattresses are made with the pocketed springs which give comfortable sleep to the sleeper.

Fine and top-notch material is used in their mattresses. The foam layer of the mattress gives hugging-like feelings to sleepers.

The mattresses are manufactured by Simmons Beautyrest Bedding. Their mattresses have a cooling effect and motion isolation which is the perfect combination for comfortable sleep.

What Bedding Does Renaissance Hotel Use?

Renaissance Hotel uses different types of bedding which includes blankets, toppers, pillowcases, duvets, blankets, and comforters. They also include lines that are made by hemstitch and signature.

The bedding used in Renaissance hotels is manufactured by different bedding brands like Serta, Beautyrest Simmons, signature, and Hemstitch.

If you want to buy the bedding then you buy it from their official website

Where To Buy Renaissance Hotel Mattresses?

Renaissance mattresses are luxurious and they are made from fine and top-notch material.

The mattresses are made by the Simmons Beautyrest Bedding the mattress is exclusively designed for Renaissance Hotel.

What Mattress Is Used In Renaissance Hotel?

Simmons Beautyrest Silver Series BRS900 is the mattress that is used by the Renaissance Hotel.

You can also buy it from Simmons Beautyrest Bedding.

Does Renaissance Hotel Sell Their Used Mattresses?

No, Renaissance Hotel does not sell its used mattresses they donate the mattress to charity firms or recycle the mattresses.

I don’t suggest you buy a used mattress because the mattresses can be full of bacteria, dust, and germs.

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What Mattress Does Embassy Suites Use?


You can purchase a mattress from your favorite hotel to make your bed like a hotel bed.

The mattress only can not make a bed comfortable you need to buy bedding to make the mattress comfortable.

If you have a budget then you can buy a Renaissance hotel mattress from their official website.

The mattresses are very comfortable and you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

Get more information about the mattresses in my upcoming articles.


1. is a latex mattress good?

let us know the answer,  each mattress has its specialty. Latex mattress also has a specialty.

The latex mattress is naturally resistant. This mattress resists mold, dust mites, and bacteria without using any added chemicals.

Also, the mattress has a special structure that excellently circulates the mattress. The pattern of the mattress is specially designed to circulate the air in the mattress.

2. Is memory foam mattresses good for the back?

Yes, a memory foam mattress is good for the back. It relieves the back pain of your body.

The structure of the mattress provides the best support to your spine. It keeps your spine in alignment and also relieves the pressure point of your body.

3. Does Avocado have fiberglass in their mattresses?

No, Avocado mattresses do not contain fiberglass in their mattresses. Avocado is an organic mattress and it is a Organic Certified Mattress.

4. Is the Avocado mattress bouncy?

The avocado mattress is organic. The mattresses are made with organic cotton. They also use natural latex for fire-resistant and pocketed coils.

Avocado mattresses are extremely bouncy mattresses.

5. Why does my pillow smell like rotten eggs?

There are many reasons behind the rotten egg smell. Let us see the reasons-

1. If your pillow contains the hydrogen sulfide chemical then it smells like rotten eggs.

2. If you do not clean your pillow properly and if any moisture is present on your pillow then it smells like rotten eggs.

3. If any type of bacteria is growing on your pillow then it smells like rotten eggs.

6. Can I flip my puffy mattress?

No, you cannot flip your puffy mattresses because it is not designed to flip.

The mattress is a single-side use mattress. If you want to flip the mattresses then you can rotate it by 180 degrees but can not flip.