When we talk about the mattress you can’t forget the blanket because blankets are the things that make a mattress more comfortable.

You need to wash the blankets regularly. I will cover you,
How to clean blankets without washing?

Sometimes it has a problem to wash blankets with the washing. Because on rainy days it is very difficult to dry the blankets.

We will see the easy methods to clean the blankets without washing them.

Let’s start.

How To Clean Blankets Without Washing?

Here are some proven methods to clean blankets without washing. These methods are tested and proven methods.

We will see the methods one by one in detail.

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Method 1 – Use a Dryer

This is an easy way to clean your blanket without washing it. The dryer is available in most the home and you can use it for cleaning your blanket.

If your blanket has moisture then it can cause to grow bacteria and germs.

Take a dryer and let it heat. After the dryer gets heated you can remove the moisture of your blanket using the dryer.

If you remove the moisture from your blanket then there is no chance to grow bacteria and gems in your blanket.

How To Clean Blankets Without Washing?

Before you are going to use the dryer make sure that the dryer is good or not for your blanket.

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Method 2 – Using Baking Soda

This is another effective way to clean your blanket without washing.

Baking soda is natural moisture and odor observer. if your blanket has moisture, or a bad smell then baking soda work as a cleaner.

You need to sprinkle the baking soda all over your blanket and wait for at least 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes vacuum up all baking soda from your blanket.

Baking soda removes moisture and bad smell from your blanket.

Method 3 – Use a Vacuum Cleaner

This is a homemade trick to use your Vacuum on another level. A vacuum cleaner can save the washing effort of your blanket and also it can save water.

If your blanket is dirty then you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt from your blanket.

First, lay down your blanket on a flat surface take a vacuum cleaner and set it on high vacuuming.

Vacuum the blanket from both sides. vacuum cleaner removes the dirt from the blanket.

When you use a vacuum cleaner you know need to wash your blanket. But clean your blanket by using a vacuum cleaner twice a week.

Method 4- Put Your Blanket In Sunlight

This is a very simple method and you do not need any type of gadget for this method.

What is the reason to grow bacteria and germs in your blanket?
The reason is moisture which is present inside your blanket.

When you are blanket has moisture in it this because to grow bacteria and gems on the blanket.

You can avoid this by keeping your blanket in the sunlight.

Spread your blanket on a flat surface in sunlight. The blankets absorb the sunlight and get heated.

When you put blankets in sunlight all bacteria, debris, mold, and dust mites will die. Because they do not survive in direct sunlight.

This is an effective method to disinfect blankets in the sunlight.

Method 5- Fabric Spray

These fabric sprays are designed to clean the blankets without washing them.

You can buy the spray from the outdoors or directly on Amazon.

you just need to buy the spray and spray it all over the blanket.

The spray removes all dust mites, debris, bacteria, and odor from the blanket.

This spray keeps your blanket fresh without washing them.

Method 6- Spot Cleaning

If your blanket has the like vomiting, tea, or any type of other stains. Then you can use a spot-cleaning test for removing those stains.

You do not need water to clean blankets using this method.

Apply a little amount of the area of stains. After that wait for at least 30 minutes to settle it down.

How To Clean Blankets Without Washing?

When 30 minutes are completed remove the detergent using a vacuum cleaner. In addition, you can use baking soda for removing the odor from the blanket.

If you want to do this process fast then you can use a little bit amount of water.

These are some methods to clean the blankets without washing them.

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If you are tired and don’t want to wash the blankets it has any reason behind you can’t wash the blankets then you can use this method to clean the blanket.

Remember one thing when you are following this method, do the methods properly.

If you are not did the methods properly then you can damage your blanket.

Before you are doing any type of method make sure that you read the label of your blankets.

If you have any questions regarding cleaning the blankets without washing them then you can ask in the comment section given in this article.


Why does a blanket smell after sleeping?

When you sleep with the blanket, over time the blanket collects sweat and body oil which can cause a dirty smell.

You can use different types of methods to clean the blankets without washing them.

How many times should I wash my blankets?

You should wash your blanket twice a month. Because, if you do not wash the blankets unit can cause a dirty smell.
Also, the blanket gets moisture and that’s why bacteria and debris can grow on the blanket.

Also, it can affect your health.