If you are looking for a novaform mattress. As usual, you want to know does novaform mattresses have fiberglass?

You spend more than half of your life on a mattress. And it is your duty to check whether your mattress is good for you or not.

Because you are investing money in a mattress that gives you a comfortable sleep. As you heard that fiberglass is not good for your health. It can cause many health issues.

So, you want to know that, does novaform mattresses have fiberglass. Don’t worry I will give you all information about the novaform mattresses.

What Novaform Mattress is Made of? 

The novaform mattress is made up of three layers. 

The first layer of the novaform mattress has 3 inches thick. And the layer is made from gel-infused memory foam.

The next layer means the middle layer of the novaform mattress which is 3 inches thick. This layer is an air channel foam layer.

The third and last layer of this mattress is 8 inches thick. And this layer is high-density polyfoam which acts as a support core of the mattress.

The novaform mattresses are made from 100% memory foam. This is one of the safest mattresses in the United States.

Does Novaform Mattresses Have fiberglass?

Novaform mattress brand products are designed and manufactured in the United States from high-quality safe material.

 I want to clear you that the novaform mattresses do not have fiberglass in their brands. 

Then you may think that how novaform makes their mattresses fire retardant without fiberglass. They use alternative methods for making their mattresses fire retardant.

They also say that their mattresses are health-conscious, environmentally certified, and made from the best material possible. 

Which material novaform mattress use instead of fiberglass?

According to Federal Law, the mattress should contain fire-retardant or fire-resistant material.

The most mattress uses fiberglass as a fire retardant because fiberglass is a cheap material. Fiberglass is dangerous for health.

Novaform mattress does not contain fiberglass in their mattresses. Then which material does novaform mattress use instead of fiberglass?

Novaform mattresses do not use fiberglass in the mattress. They use silica fire socks and rayon to make their mattress fire-resistant and silica is made from silica sand.

Does Novaform Mattresses Have fiberglass

If you want to be concerned about whether the mattress contains fiberglass or not. How can you find what is given in this article?

What is fiberglass?

Fiberglass is looked like a bunch of white hairs and most mattress brands in the market use fiberglass as a fire resistant.

Fiberglass in the mattress is one of the most dangerous materials. 

Why Most brands uses fiberglass in their mattresses?

Fiberglass is the cheapest fire-retardant material. Most mattress brands make cheap mattresses by using fiberglass as a fire-retardant material.

According to Federal Law, if any mattress brand wants to sell their mattresses in the US that brand should use fire-retardant material in their mattress.

 Another reason for using fiberglass in mattresses is, the mattress company can get more profit by using the fiberglass.

How can I find if my mattress have fiberglass?

There are some easy steps to find out if your mattress has fiberglass. These steps are given here,

Step 1: check label

You can use this step to check the fiberglass in the mattress. 

The label on mattresses gives you all information about which materials is used while making the mattress.

If you found the word fiberglass or something related to fiberglass then your mattress has fiberglass.

Step 2: check precautions

There are a lot of mattress brands in the market that don’t mention that their mattresses contain fiberglass.

But you can their mattresses contain fiberglass or not. You have to check any cautions on the mattress.

If they contain words like “do not wash the cover” or “do not remove the cover”. If any mattresses contain fiberglass then they put the fiberglass beneath the cover. 

And if you find words like this then the mattress definitely contains fiberglass. So, if you found mattresses that have the cautions like this then it 100% contain fiberglass.

Step 3: check online

This is the easiest way to know about the mattress included fiberglass or not.  You just have to use google for knowing the information about the mattress.

You just search, “Does nova foam mattress have fiberglass?” 

You will get the answer to your question.

Should I buy a novaform mattress?

Yes, you can buy a novaform mattress. novaform mattress is 100%  safe and natural.

Novaform mattresses do not use fiberglass in their mattress.

They have one hybrid mattress which is known as Nue. The prices of novaform mattresses are budget friendly. 

The novaform mattresses have primary and good features. Let us see the features of the novaform mattress.

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Features of Novaform Mattress

Impressive Motion Isolation

Novaform mattress performs when it comes to motion isolation. Boasting of a six-inch comfort system. 

This system would absorb any movement your partner makes, ensuring you sleep without interruptions.

Adequate Pressure Relief

Novaform mattress has a firmness level of 6. It is also made of memory foam.

With the help of these, the sleepers will enjoy an adequate amount of sinkage to relieve pressure points on the hips and shoulders.

A Longer Off-gassing Period

I want to tell you that the novaform mattress has an off-gassing smell. If it releases the unpleasant smell for the first few weeks after unboxing the mattress.

Inadequate Temperature Regulation

If you are buying a new novaform mattress then prepare to endure some unpleasant scents.

Novaform mattress contains gel-infused memory foam in their mattresses. This gel-infused dissipates a slight amount of heat.

EDGE Support

Novaform mattress contains EDGE support.

Conclusion on novaform mattress have fiberglass

After reading this article, I may assume that your all doubt and questions about the fiberglass in novaform mattress have been solved.

And end, let me tell you that don’t worry about the novaform mattress. These mattresses do not contain fiberglass. And it is 100% safe; they do not contain any type of toxic or harmful chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Where is novaform mattress made?

Novaform mattress brand products are designed and manufactured in the United States from high-quality safe material.

All products from novaform are natural and safe. 

2. What is the best way to unpack and set up my Novaform mattress or topper?

Novaform mattresses and the toppers are tightly packed for easy shipping and delivered to your doorsteps in a box.

You should follow the unpacking instructions before removing the product from its packaging.

3. How soon after unpacking can I use the novaform mattress?

It takes 48 hours to fully expand the novaform mattress. You need to wait for 48 hours. And do not use anything to help the mattress topper expand.

It will take some time to get its original shape after unboxing. After fully expanding you will experience comfortable sleep.

4. Is novaform mattress toxic?

Don’t worry about the novaform mattress. they don’t contain fiberglass in their mattresses.

And also they do not contain any harmful material or chemicals and are toxic. They are made with non-toxic and high-quality materials and also novaform mattresses are certified by CertiPure.