Sleeping on a comfortable mattress is the best feeling in the world. When you sleep on the Omni hotel mattress then you feel like you are in heaven.

Have you thought that
what mattress does Omni Hotel use?

Omni Hotels is an American privately held, and this is an International luxury hotel company.

The mattresses used in Omni Hotel is Serta hotel suite euro pillow top mattress with an advanced comfort quilt.

Their mattresses are made by the world’s best mattress company which is Serta.

Serta made mattresses for luxurious hotel brands.

In this article, we are going to see how Serta made mattresses for Omni hotels, and also what makes the Omni mattresses more comfortable.

Along with that, I am going to explain to you how can you make your mattress more comfortable.

So let us start and deep dive into the information.

What Mattress Does Omni Hotel Use?

Omni hotels are famous because these hotels are the longest continuously operating hotels which are in the United States.

Omni Hotel uses a Serta hotel suite euro pillow top mattress with an advanced comfort quilt.

This mattress is a double-sided flippable mattress.

Serta Mattresses is famous for its quality mattresses. Serta bedding also provides
mattresses to Hilton Hotels, Marriott Hotel, and Hampton Inn.

What Types of Mattresses Does Omni Hotel Use?

The mattress used in Omni Hotel is hybrid mattresses.

This is because hybrid mattresses have pocket coils or inner springs for pain relief.

The most luxurious hotel uses hybrid mattresses because these mattresses are a combination of support and comfort.

Also, hybrid mattresses relieve the pressure point of slippers. And also they relax the body of the slipper.

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What Mattress Does Aria Hotel Use?

What Brand of Mattress Does Omni Hotel Use?

Omni Hotel uses a Serta pillow top mattress.

These mattresses are designed and manufactured by Serta Bedding.

Serta is one of the most popular mattress companies which is manufactured mattresses for many luxurious hotels.

They manufacture and provide mattresses for many hotels like Marriott, Hilton, embassy suites, Choice hotels, and hard rock.

Serta is also partnered with Simmons which means they both manufacture high-end hotel mattresses that are so comfortable.

What Mattress Does Omni Hotel Use?

What Beddings Does Omni Hotel Use?

The bedding of the mattress also plays an important role to make the mattress more comfortable.

Omni Hotel uses linen sheets, blankets, duvets, Omni luxury pool towels, comforters and toppers, and Omni Swedish memory foam pillows.

This bedding is designed and manufactured by the Serta Bedding Company.

If you want to purchase the bedding then you can get it from the Omni’s official website.

Does Omni Hotel Sell Their Used Mattresses?

No, Omni Hotel does not sell old or used mattresses to anyone.

They donate used and old mattresses to charity firms. But before donating they make sure that the mattresses are in good condition.

Their mattresses are expensive but don’t worry you can make your mattresses like omni hotel mattresses.

Where To Buy Omni Hotel Mattresses?

You can buy an Omni hotel mattress directly from Serta’s official website.

You can visit its official website and buy a Serta pillow top mattress.

How Can You Make Your Mattress Like Omni Hotel Mattress?

Omni hotel mattresses are luxurious and expensive. But don’t worry you can make your mattress comfortable like an Omni hotel mattress.

Things you will need.

  • Feather blanket 
  • 3 flat sheet
  • Pillows (memory foams)
  • decorative pillows and blankets 
  • pillowcases
  • Mattress topper

If you want to make your mattress comfortable like Omni hotel mattresses then you have to use the things given above.

If you can able to invest your budget in your sleep then you should purchase a high-quality mattress topper are also you can purchase a hotel mattress for better sleep.

If you don’t have a budget to purchase a luxurious mattress then you can buy an affordable mattress and some beddings which can make your mattress more comfortable and luxurious.

Mattress topper helps you to make your mattress comfortable which brings the comfort of your mattress to another level.

Memory foam pillows keep your head, neck, and your body in posture. And also it gives comfort and relaxed your body.

What Mattress Does Omni Hotel Use?

If you select the firmness of your mattress topper and pillows then you can make your mattress more comfortable.

And also you can make your room like heaven. And your mattress is like a cloud.

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If you ever stayed in the Omni hotel then you can get the feeling of you are sleeping in heaven.

Because these mattresses are very comfortable and when you sleep on the mattress then you can relax your body.

Also, your body is relieved from all pressure points.

The mattresses used in the Omni hotel is a hybrid mattresses.

These mattresses have pocketed coils inside the mattress which support your body and also align your spine in one position.

That’s why the mattresses are very comfortable.

If you want to buy the Omni Hotel mattress then you can purchase the mattress from Omni’s official website.

They do not sell their used or old mattresses. They donate it to charity firms.


1. Why are hotel mattresses good?

Most of the hotel uses mattresses like hybrid, memory foam, or innerspring, variants.

This type of mattress has a high level of support and comfort.

The innerspring mattresses have a collection of coils it which provides bounce and excellent ventilation which keeps you cool while you are sleeping on the mattress.

2. Why are hotel beds so fluffy?

Most of the hotels use down duvets which are filled with fine fluff-like feathers.

These fluffy-like feathers are the softest and it gives the hotel beds that signature cloud-like luxury feeling.