Westin Hotel is a famous, luxurious hotel and well-known for offering the best sleeping experience to its customers.

But, what mattress does Westin Hotel use? along with that many questions may arise in your mind.

I am here to clear your all doubts and give you answers to your all questions.

Good and better sleep is the Foundation part of your overall wellness. You spent one-third part of your life on the bed.

Have you ever slept on the bed of the Westin Hotel? what kind of sleeping experience have you got?

The mattress used in the Westin Hotel is the Heavenly Bed which is manufactured and crafted by the Simmons Bedding.

What makes the Heavenly Bed so special? And why they are so comfortable?

In this article, we will discuss these questions.

so let’s start…

What Mattress Does Westin Hotel Use?

The Westin Hotel uses Heavenly Bed in their hotel rooms. The heavenly bed is one of the most comfortable beds in the world which is manufactured and crafted by the  Simmons Bedding.

This bed is used in Westin hotels that’s why they are also known as Westin beds.

Heavenly Bed is an exclusive bed that is manufactured only for Westin hotels.

What types of mattresses does Westin Hotel use?

The Westin Hotel uses innerspring mattresses.  Heavenly Bed is an innerspring mattress.

Most of the luxurious either use hybrid or innerspring mattresses because these mattresses combine comfort and support at the same time.

The plus point of the Heavenly Bed is it has pocketed coil system that has a balance of support and contouring comfort.

What Mattress Does Westin Hotel Use?

What Brand of Mattress Does Westin Hotel Use?

Heavenly Bed brand is used by Westin Hotel which is designed and manufactured by the Simmons Bedding.

Simmons Bedding creates high-end, top-notch hotel mattresses which have the finest ingredients in the world.

Here I want to add one interesting point and that is Simmons & Serta are partners and they both made mattresses for luxurious hotels.

They provide luxurious mattresses for hotels Like Hilton, Marriott, Embassy Suites, Hard Rock, and others luxury hotel mattresses.

What Makes Heavenly Bed So Comfortable?

Westin Heavenly Bed is well known for its comfort in the world.

These beds come with a pillow-top mattress. And it is made up of three layers, the layers including a supportive core layer, comfortable padding or layer, and a cover.

These layers are durable and it makes the mattress excellent for sleeping.

The unique texture of the mattress with the individually wrapped coils and comfortable material gives a high-quality sleeping experience to the sleeper.

Where To Buy Westin Hotel Mattresses?

You can buy a Westin mattress directly from their official website. Westin Hotel sells its mattresses on its official website.


Westin beds are available in all sizes you can choose as per your requirement and budget.

Westine beds are expensive beds. When you buy a mattress you also get the box spring with the mattress.

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I am sure about the mattresses in Westin Hotel. when you slept on the mattress then you slept like a baby.

The Westin mattress has high-end, top-notch hotel mattresses which have the finest ingredients in the world.

There is no harmful material or fiberglass is used in the Westin mattress.

If you want to buy a mattress then you can visit its official website.