Many people think that if you don’t have the actual plug then you cannot use the air mattress. But, you can use the wooden plug instead of the actual plug for your air mattress.

I will explain to you how to plug your air mattress without the actual plug?

If you had any situation in your life when you are camping and you forget the actual plug in your home or you lost the plug.

First, let me explain to you in short.
You can take a rod that is made from wood and then tightly fit the rod and carve it to resemble a cone.

You can also use duct tape to keep the rod in one place.

Did you get the idea in brief? So let’s see the step in detail.

How To Plug Your Air Mattress Without The Actual Plug?

If you lost the plug of your air mattress or you forget it anywhere. Then you can make the plug by using wood and a knife.

You can make a custom-made wooden plug for filling the air. The plug is carved and it should not have any sharp end.

When you are connecting the plug with the mattress after fixing the plug with the mattress. Then use duct tape to fix the wooden plug in one place.

You only need a few things.

• Piece of wood
• A knife
• Duct tape

After collecting the thing you will need then follow the steps.

Step 1: Find A Good & Straight Wood Stick.

For making the wooden plug must choose a good and straight wooden stick.

If you choose a bent stick then it will be difficult to make the plug using it. And also it can make the process hard.

While finding the stick make sure that it can tolerate a lot of weight. And also its diameter is close enough to the size of the plug hole.

Step 2: Turn One End Into A Taper.

Now, it’s time to use a knife and your skill also. Using your skills make the stick smooth and turn its end into a smooth and round shape.

Turn one end into a taper and smooth it. If you do not make it smooth then it can damage your air mattress.

Step 3: Use Duct Tape To Wrap The Stick.

After making the stick smooth then you have to use a lot of duct tape to match the size of the stick to become wide to the hole of a plug.

Wrapping the duct tape also has a good idea because if sticks have any splinters then it can hurt your hurt.

How To Plug Your Air Mattress Without The Actual Plug

Step 4: Insert The Plug And Check It.

When you did the three steps the next step is to insert the plug and check it.

Insert the plug and check if you see the plug is loose then you have to wrap more duct tape to match the size of the plug to the mattress.

Make sure that your air mattress does not have any leaks in other areas.

Step 5: Inflate The Mattress And Plug It in Again.

After checking the plug now you have to inflate the mattress.

While you are inflating the air mattress then you need to over-inflate your mattress a bit.

Because, when you plug out the inflating tool from the hole of the mattress then the mattress will lose some air.

Now, plug in the wooden plug you made.
When you plug a wooden plug in the hole then make sure that there is no air coming out from that hole.

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Step 6: Reinforce The Seal Using More Duct Tape.

In the last step, seal the wooden plug using duct tape. Apply the duct tape around the plug.

Apply some amount of pressure on the mattress and check if any air comes out around the plug.

This is the method to apply the plug-in air mattress without an actual plug.

How To Seal A Hole In An Air Mattress.

While doing this process if you found any hole in the air mattress then how can you patch it?

If the hole in the mattress is small then you can use the patch kit to repair the mattress.

Let me tell you the two methods for patching the hole in an air mattress.

Method 1: Duct Tape.

There are two types of leaks found in mattresses. One is a tiny leak and the other is a big leak.

If you found a tiny leak then you can use duct tape to fix it.

When you are going to patch the leak using duct tape, you have to follow some instructions.

Clean the area of the leak before applying the duct tape. If you do not clean the area then the duct tape will not stick on the mattress.

And it cannot stop the mattress from leaking.

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Method 2: Thick Adhesive.

Thick adhesive will easily be available in the stores near you.

Remove the bedding from the mattress. Also, remove pillows and bedsheets.

Lay down your mattress on the floor or clean area.

Before finding the leak you should clean your mattress because debris or dust can be present inside the mattress.

Now, inflate the mattress and check if air comes out from the air mattress.

Mark the location of the leak and deflate the air mattress.

Next, clean the area around the leak and make sure that there is no dust around the leak.

If you do not clean the area well then the adhesive will not stick to the mattress.

Finally, apply the patch and wait to dry it.

Final Words

Plugging your air mattress without an actual plug is a very simple and easy process.

You just have to take a straight wood and then make it smooth.

Turn one end into a taper using a knife and smooth it. If you do not make it smooth then it can damage your air mattress.

Use duct tape to wrap the stick so it can not hurt your hand and the air mattress.

Plug in the wooden plug-in mattress and check it. If the plug is loose then wrap more duct tape.

Fix the area around the plug using duct tape.

If you found a leak in the mattress patch it using duct tape or thick adhesive.