Purple mattress is the best luxurious mattress found in Singapore. do you know how to clean a purple mattress?, if you don’t know then read this article.

The purple mattress is made by using the patented hyper-elastic polymer.

If you bought a purple mattress then it is important to maintain the mattress and keep it clean. You have to clean the mattress regularly.

If you don’t know how to clean purple mattresses, then don’t worry I will provide you with information in this article.

I will provide the proper and proven way to clean the mattress. some tips to clean your purple mattress. Also answered some questions.

How many times should I clean my purple mattress?

If you want to keep your mattress clean and like new then you should clean your mattress at least every three months. 

If you use a quality mattress protector it will reduce the need of cleaning your purple mattress frequently.

Does the Purple mattress be washed?

Yes, you should clean your purple mattress at least once a time in every six months. So, it will help your mattress to perform better, last longer, and stay fresh.

Don’t do machine wash just unzip the cover and of the mattress and clean it. You can also use the purple cleaning kit for cleaning your purple mattress.

Do you need to flip the purple mattress?

No, the mattresses are designed for using one-sided. So, you don’t need to rotate or flip the mattress.

You have to clean the surface regularly. You can rotate the mattress if you want but it is not necessary. You can rotate your mattress every 6 months or 1 year.

How to Clean a Purple Mattress ?

you can clean a purple mattress by following the steps.

Steps to clean a purple mattress

Purple mattress is easy to clean but you need to use some tools. I will give you the information and steps to clean the purple mattress just follow these steps.

Clean your mattress it will help you to keep the mattress new.

How to clean a purple mattress

Step 1: collect your tools

When you are going to clean the mattress then you have to collect the proper cleaning supplies because it makes cleaning the mattress much faster.
List of tools and supplies you need to collect.

Vacuum cleaner
Cleaning cloth
Baking soda
Enzyme cleaner or dish soap
Laundry detergent

Step 2: Remove all bedding

After you collect the tools for cleaning the mattress then next you have to remove the bedding.

When you are removing the bedding you have to remove the fitted sheet, comforter, any blankets, pillows,s, and any other items which are on your mattress. Also, remove the pillowcases.

Put these things in the washing machine to clean them of any stains, dirt, or grime.
Remember- the pillows may require many different methods to clean if you don’t know the right direction to clean the pillow then you have to follow the directions which are given on the tag.

When cleaning is done then put make sure to properly dry the bedding.

Step 3: Vacuum your whole mattress

If you are thinking that when you remove the bedding then it will remove all dust, and dirt particles. This is wrong after you remove the bedding there is a small amount of dirt, and dust gathered on the mattress.

You have to remove this dirt, and dust using the vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming will help to get rid of most of the dust, dirt, and dander that has been collected on it.

Step 4: clear the stains using a stain remover

After vacuuming there will be the possibility of a small number of stains available on the mattress. You have to clean these stains using the stain remover.

But, while removing the stains you have to understand that there will be different types of stains and for that, there are different types of stain removers are available in the market.

If you want to remove the general stain that is dirt and grime then you should use the general stain remover.

And if your mattress has stained blood then use hydrogen peroxide. Dish soaps can also remove most stains.

Don’t use too much stain remover while removing the stains. Follow the steps for removing the stains.

Use a small amount of stain remover and put it on the stain.
Keep it for a few minutes and after that take a clean cloth and gently rag the area.
Add some amount of cold water to another clean rag. And again pat the area with a wet rag.

Repeat these steps until removing the stain.

Don’t use too much cleaning solution it will damage your mattress.

Step 5: sprinkle the baking soda over the entire mattress.

Baking soda acts as an odor remover. So, sprinkle the baking soda all over the mattress and let it, and then allow it to sit for a while.

We recommended waiting at least 15 min to several hours. It will remove the odor and make your mattress fresh and clean.

Step 6: Vacuum again

After the baking soda sit over the mattress then you need to vacuum again over the mattress.

When you are vacuuming then are careful and remove all the baking soda on your mattress properly.

Repeat this process at least three times to remove all baking soda.

Step 7: air out the mattress.

When the vacuum is done, then you have to dry the mattress properly. If you are not dry your mattress properly it will give unpleasant odors.

Step 8: Repeat these steps

You have to clean your mattress at least once in three months. It will keep your mattress fresh, and clean for years to come.


Is the removable purple mattress cover washable?

Yes, you can cover off the mattress and wash it. If you want to put the cover as new then you have to wash it from time to time. Take proper precautions while washing the cover of the mattress.

How to clean the vomit from a purple mattress

Vomit stains can be tough to remove. First, you should vacuum your purple mattress.
Next, take a water and enzyme cleaner in equal parts and mix them. After that take spray this mix on the affected area of the purple mattress.

Wait for some time to dry and then sprinkle some amount of baking soda for removing the smell. Wait for a few hours and then again vacuum it.

You can clean vomit by following these steps.

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How to clean urine from a purple mattress?

To create the solution, take enzyme cleaner or vinegar and water in the equal part and mix this solution in the spray bottle.

Spray the small amount of solution on the urinated area.
When you did the spray then you should take a cleaning cloth and bloat the surface. Use cold water and damp on the affected area.

After that, you have to wait for a purple mattress to dry. When the mattress dries completely then take some amount of baking soda and sprinkle it on the mattress to neutralize the smell. Wait for several hours.

Next, remove the baking soda by vacuuming.

It is important to maintain your purple mattress and keep it clean. You have to clean the mattress regularly.

I have given other more information about the mattress in another article, Check those articles.

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