Air mattress is an amazing air mattress because you can fold it and can carry it with you where you want. I will cover How to blow up an air mattress using foot pump.

When you are camping and you know that you can not get electricity for using an electric pump to blow the air mattress.

You should always carry a foot pump with you for blowing air into the mattress.

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How To Blow Up An Air Mattress Using Foot Pump?

The foot pump is manual and it does not require any electricity.

There are two pumps for Inflating an air mattress that is the hand pump and a foot pump.

Using a foot pump is easier than a hand pump. Using a foot pump is a less effort-taking method to fill the air.

You have to pump your foot onto the foot pump for blowing the air. Use these processes repeatedly to fill the air in the air mattress.

If you don’t have a foot pump then get a foot pump. But when you are buying a foot pump you have to put some things in your mind.

You Should Choose The Right Foot Pump.

While you are buying a foot pump you have to choose the right foot pump for your air mattress.

That means you need two things when you are buying a foot pump which is a tough material and its warranty.

Buy a multi-use pump that can be used for inflating anything which means cycle tires, balloons, a child water pool, and anything.

You should choose the pump which has the most warranty period.

Many types and sizes of foot pumps are available in the market you must choose according to your preference.

After getting the right foot pump you can follow the actual steps to inflate the air mattress.

Let’s get started,

Steps To Blow Up An Air Mattress Using Foot Pump?

Step 1: Put Your Mattress On a Flat Surface.

For inflating your mattress unfold it and keep it on the flat surface where you want.

You must check the area before putting the mattress on a flat surface. If it has any sharp things or anything which damages the air mattress.

How To Blow Up An Air Mattress Using Foot Pump

Step 2: Open The Valve Of The Mattress.

The next step is open the valve of the air mattress.

The valve is the hole that is used to connect the nozzle of the foot pump.

The opening process of the valve is depending on the type of mattress.

Some types of mattress valves can be opened by anti-clockwise rotating the valve. And some can be opened by pulling the cap of the valve.

Step 3: Fit The Nozzle Of The Pump To The Valve.

Now, you have to fit the nozzle of the pump to the valve of the air mattress.

But, remember a thing you must get some nozzles with your foot pump for attaching the suction pipe to your foot pump.

Without the nozzle, you can’t attach the pipe of the foot pump to the valve of the mattress and can’t inflate the air mattress.

If the nozzle is not fitting after inserting the valve then you can use duct tape to seal the valve and nozzle.

Step 4: Blow Up Your Air Mattress.

This is the main step to inflating your air mattress.

After connecting the nozzle to the valve of an air mattress you just have to pump the padel repeatedly to blow up your air mattress.

Do this process repeatedly until you fill the air mattress.

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Step 5: Close The Valve Of The Mattress.

You are one step away from enjoying the firmness of your mattress.

You have to do the last step which is close the valve of the air mattress.

After filling the air immediately remove the nozzle and close the valve of your air mattress.

If you do not do this quickly then some amount of air may leak.

Final Words

A foot pump is the best way to inflate your air mattress.

Because it is manually operated and does not need electricity.

You can carry it with you anywhere. Using a Foot pump is less effort-taking than a hand pump.

If you are on a camp then you must carry a foot pump with you because the foot pump is the easiest way to blow air into the air mattress.

Lots of people who did camping always choose a foot pump because it is difficult to find electricity to use an electric pump.


1. Can you inflate your air mattress using a hair dryer?

Yes, you can use a hair dryer to inflate the air mattress.

But, before using it you have to switch the hair dryer on to low heat.

Because hot air can damage your air mattress.