If you bought a puffy mattress then you have to use it in a proper way and you must handle it carefully means if you want to move a puffy mattress.

you have to take information about that because the puffy mattress is designed in such a way that it is a bed-in-box mattress and it is a heavy mattress.

But the question is how can we move a puffy mattress? Because a puffy mattress is a bed-in-box type mattress and you cannot fold the mattress.

Some tricks to move a mattress are given here you.  I hope these tricks will help you to move a mattress. 

Easy steps to move a puffy mattress are given in this article.

So let’s get started.

Easy steps to move a puffy mattress

There may be two possible incidents behind the reason for moving mattresses.

  1. If you are bored with the position of the mattress and you want to change the place of the mattress or you want to move the mattress to another place/address.
  1. If you don’t want to put a mattress in your home and you want to return it and claim a refund.

You cannot move a puffy mattress single person because the mattress is pretty heavy and you cannot fold the puffy mattress that’s why it is a very hard task.

Now, let me tell you that if you are going to move your mattress u can use many tools and things. I will tell you what tools and things u can use to move the mattress.

  • Moving pads
  • Straps
  • Mattress bag or cover
  • Scissors
  • Hand gloves
  • Moving blankets
  • Duct tape

Collect the correct tools for packing your mattress    

What kind of material you are going to choose is very effective while moving the mattress because the right tools will help you so much and they will make your task easy.

I will tell you the use of the right tools in short.

Duct tape is used to move the mattress because it will help to hold everything in place and protects your mattress from dirt.

If you covered the mattress with plastic bags, the bags protect the mattress from dirt, stains, getting dusty and other types of stains.

And make the mattress more secure we are using straps. So, straps for laying down the mattress for making the mattress more secure while moving.

Not all the uses of tools I have given here. But, above mentioned tools also help you while moving the mattress. If you don’t have some tools then get all tools from outdoor shops and get ready to move a mattress.

Put the cover on the mattress 

Easy steps to move a puffy mattress

When you are going to move a mattress then the side and tops of the mattress will probably come into the contact with stairs, the outside ground, the floor, and or inside of the vehicle which is used for moving the mattress.

If you want to avoid this you have to cover your mattress with bags and take all your topper, sheets, pillows, etc. off your mattress and then pack it in bags.

When you are rapping the mattress then you have to leave little air between the mattress and your material.

Clear the path

After you did packing of mattress next step is clear the path. Because, if you have any obstacle in your path or other things like that then it’s the possibility to get injured.

So, you must the need to clear the path it will prevent you from getting caught. Take care as much as possible while moving the mattress because you don’t want it to get damaged in the mattress. 

A puffy mattress is a little expensive and a damaging mattress will affect your sleep so, take care while moving a mattress.

Use straps for holding the puffy mattress

While you are moving your mattress then there will be a chance to move a mattress not so but a little bit from its position and it will be the reason for your mattress getting damage.

You can put your mattress safe and in position by using straps. Because, when you use straps hold your mattress to one position and secure your mattress from damage.

A puffy mattress is a heavy mattress and important to keep it safe when you are moving a mattress from one location to another location.

It is recommended you use a truck delivery partner for moving mattresses.

Because, if you are going to move a mattress with your car then it will be risky it will damage the mattress. A puffy mattress is a heavy mattress and a car is not recommended for moving mattresses,  especially for such heavy mattresses as a puffy mattress.

It is better to use a vehicle like a transport truck.

 How can you return the puffy mattress & repacking the mattress for return?     

If you have a puffy mattress and want to return your mattress. I will tell you how you can return it and repack it.

  • Before repacking your mattress you have to contact the company’s customer support list.
  • After contacting the customer support list you can start the process for return the mattress. So, you can get specific instructions from puffy.
  • They offer a 101-day free trial, on the basis of this offer you can easily return a puffy mattress.
  • You need to email support@puffy.com with your order number and then puffy will cover the return and puffy start your refund.

After you did these steps, they will tell you the step-by-step process for returning the mattress.

Puffy mattress can be folded?

No, the puffy mattress is a bed-in-box mattress. So, you cannot fold a puffy mattress folding the puffy mattress can damage your mattress.

But, you can roll your puffy mattress with ratchet straps. If you are moving a bulky item, it is a very challenging task. You can roll the mattress for short time. 

If you are moving a mattress then a rolling mattress is the best way to reduce the size of the mattress and you can easily transport compared to the folding.

Take precautions while rolling the mattress.

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 1. Can you flip your puffy mattress?

The mattress is designed for single-sided use. It is not necessary to flip your puffy mattress.  But if want to flip the mattress then you can flip it by 180%.

2.  Where was the puffy mattress made?

Puffy made their mattress in the USA.  They design, manufacture, and assemble their mattresses in the USA.

 3.Can you fold your puffy mattress?

No, the puffy mattress is a bed-in-box mattress. So, you cannot fold a puffy mattress folding the puffy mattress can damage your mattress. 

 4. How much weight does the puffy mattress hold?

The puffy mattress can hold 350 lbs weight.

conclusion on how can you move a puffy mattress? 

In this article, I covered the points that how to move a puffy mattress and I give the information and tips for repacking the mattress, and how you can return your mattress. But, you need to contact puffy’s customer service to return the mattress.

With these steps, you can move a puffy mattress where you want means in your new house or any new location. But, you have to take care while moving the mattress.

If you did not follow these steps carefully then it may cause damage to the puffy mattress.

If you are packing the mattress for moving then you can roll it for short time to save bulk.

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